Boren Scholarships

These awards of up to $25,000 are for students wishing to study languages and cultures considered important to U.S. national security (including Arabic). Recipients of Boren Scholarships are required to complete a one-year, federal service requirement. Boren Fellows must begin fulfilling the service requirement within two years of graduation. Danielle Barefoot, is the University of Arizona’s Boren campus representative. She provides information about the Boren award and helps students in completing their applications. Deadline: (IIE) February 3rd, 2021 at 5 pm EST. For more information, please visit the Boren website:

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2021 Boren Webinars will offer you a comprehensive overview of Boren's scholarships, discuss topics such as the online application system, writing competitive essays and special regional and subject-matter initiatives. Additionally, UA has Boren campus representatives you can contact for more information, please see below.

Boren Campus Representatives

Dr. Karna Walter, Assistant Dean for Student Engagement 
520‐621‐6546 /

Dr. David Neufeld, Assistant Director, Office of Nationally Competitive Scholarships
520‐621‐0162 /