Cultural Activities

جدول النشاطات الثقافية التابعة لجامعة آريزونا

Spring 2020



Talent Show 

Moroccan Culture

Students got to experience Moroccan culture in song, dance, and homemade food.

Arab Market

Students practiced their bargaining skills at a local Middle Eastern market, Caravan. 

Folk Dancing 'Dabkeh'

Students learned some new dance moves from Dr. Ehab Tamimi at the Dabkeh Cultural Activity

Fall 2018

End of Semester Celebration


Instructors, students, and staff shared a meal at Sindbad's Restaurant, all while enjoying music played by Fadi Iskandar 

Iraqi Culture 

Students discovered Iraqi clothing, music, and history before enjoying delicious Iraqi food from local restaurant, Abe's Place

Trip to Babylon Market

After hearing about the various products from one of the owners, students explored the store and sampled food from the restaurant menu 





Henna with Bridget Benson

Students were taught the different classical designs for henna, practicing sketching them with pen and paper then seeing how an expert, Bridget Benson works her magic 

Summer Intensive Program 2018


Students clap along to music while watching their classmates try on various traditional Saudi Arabian clothes at the Saudi Cultural Activity





Students, teachers, and staff pose for a silly picture in traditional clothing from various Middle Eastern countries at the mock Fashion Show





At the Dabkeh Cultural Activity, students practice their moves to music as they learn Dabkeh, a Levantine folk dance 





A student carefully draws a personalized henna design, after learning about traditional henna patterns during the Henna Cultural Activity