Flagship Scholarships

Arizona AFP participants may receive competitive Flagship scholarship funding, which is intended to offset a large portion of the costs for overseas Flagship programs in Meknes, Morocco (summer intensive and Capstone year). These Flagship scholarships are merit-based, and students must achieve specified language proficiency requirements and demonstrate a strong record of program attendance in order to be considered for Flagship scholarships. Please note, that Flagship scholarships must be used for approved Flagship programs. Students who have not submitted a completed FASFA or registered in the Flagship Certification System will not be eligible to receive funding. Unlike other Flagship program participants, a Flagship cadet on any ROTC scholarship is eligible to receive FULL funding for the Flagship summer intensive and Capstone programs overseas from the Defense Language and National Security Education Office. An Arizona AFP student who wishes to receive Flagship scholarship funding for the 2019 Flagship Overseas Summer Intensive Program or the 2019-2020 Flagship Capstone year overseas must:

  • Complete an Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) in mid-January and qualify to study at a Flagship overseas program. Summer applicants must reach at least Intermediate-High proficiency and Capstone applicants must reach at least Advanced proficiency as described by the ACTFL scale.
  • Complete an application for an overseas Flagship program and be accepted to that program.
  • Be in good standing with Arizona AFP. During each semester as a program participant, a student must obtain the equivalent of a B+ or above in Arabic language classes and follow a program of study approved by Arizona AFP Academic Director, Dr. Sonia Shiri. This commitment includes attending two individualized tutoring sessions per week (or more as needed), as well as interacting with peer language partners. Each student must also obtain a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 and attend Arizona AFP meetings and cultural activities, contributing actively and positively to our community.
  • Present a formal letter, with justification, requesting Flagship scholarship funding for Academic Director, Dr. Sonia Shiri. This may be submitted electronically, by U.S. mail, or in person to Arizona AFP Coordinator, Genliscia Edwards
  • Flagship cadets on ROTC scholarships must also submit letters from their Commanders as proof of their ROTC scholarships in order to be eligible to receive FULL funding for Flagship overseas programs. This letter should include the student’s name, field of study, type of ROTC scholarship, the semester the scholarship went into effect, and the expected length of the scholarship.