Summer 2021 Program Sessions Update

Session I:  June 7 - July 8
Session II:  July 12 -  August 11
Both summer sessions will be online due to COVID-19 - TBD
Please refer to the University of Arizona COVID page for updates, accessible from Arizona.edu
Please check in with us next March for the 2021 Jumpstart Program

Summer Arabic for High School Students

JUMPSTART your university career this summer!
Earn 5-10 college credits in the summer at one of the top U.S. Arabic programs

FOR SUMMER PROGRAM 2021...MANDATORY ORIENTATION for Students & Parents will be held online:


The University of Arizona Arabic Jumpstart Program allows high school juniors and seniors to take an intensive Arabic summer course through virtual instruction, for college credit at a reduced tuition rate and with scholarship support. The program includes a diverse range of online activities that boost students' knowledge of the Arabic language and Arab cultures.

Benefits include:

  • Earning 5-10 college credits in just 5-10 weeks at MENAS online with one of the top Arabic programs in the U.S.
  • Enjoying a variety of online educational and fun-filled cultural activities throughout the program
  • Benefiting from a special high-school student reduced tuition rate and additional scholarships 
  • Exploring the UA campus online and the possibility of joining the UA Arabic Flagship program once in college
  • Enjoying mentoring and tutoring specifically for JUMPSTART high school students to ensure success

For more information about the Flagship program, visit: arabicflagship.arizona.edu



2021 Arabic Jumpstart Program Online Instruction

Session I: June 7 - July 8 

Session II: July 12 - August 11


Jumpstart Schedule

All Summer Program participants are required to be available from 8:30am to 4:00pm MST daily for different types of program activities: 4 hours of online instruction, office hours, tutoring, advising meetings, and online cultural activities. Friday’s, however, are an exception. The schedule will extend until 6:00pm to include either an online movie or a two-hour online cultural activity.



The program offers two tracks:

Track 1: Jumpstart to Flagship 

Eligibility: Current high school seniors joining the University of Arizona as freshmen in Fall 2020 who plan to join the prestigious Arizona Arabic Flagship Program. Applicants pursuing any major qualify for this track and can benefit from study abroad and funding opportunities in the Flagship Program. Open to students from all over the U.S.  For more information about the Arabic Flagship Program and to apply, please click the link at the top of the page!
Fully Funded: This track offers full funding for Summer Session I and/or Session II (tuition, fees, online tutoring, college mentoring and advising and online cultural activities.

Track 2: Jumpstart to College 

Eligibility: Rising high school juniors and seniors from anywhere in the U.S. who are motivated to:
1) Receive college credit
2) Get exposure to college life
3) Pursue advanced Arabic. 
Funding: ​​Offers large tuition reduction. Online cultural activities and events will be covered by the program along with tutoring, college mentoring and advising. Remaining tuition/fees expenses after reduction are close to $600 per session. Applicants interested in scholarships to cover fully or partially the remaining $600 per session may apply for funding while completing the application form.   

Housing for Students

Housing is available for in-person instruction only and is not available at this time.  



For more information please contact: