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The University of Arizona Arabic Jumpstart Programhas received a $63,840.00 grant from Qatar Foundation Internationalto fund student scholarships for the summer of 2022. QFI is an educational organization based in Washington, DC, committed to advancing Arabic language teaching and learning.... 

  • With this new grant, combined with UArizona funding and Arabic Flagship grant funding, the 2022 summer program tuition/fees will be fully funded.
  • Students will also receive a stipend for housing, books, meals, and travel if they are graduating high school seniors joining the University of Arizona as first-year students in fall 2022 and have been accepted into the Arizona Arabic Flagship program.
  • Rising high school juniors and seniors receive a large tuition reduction and may apply for scholarships to cover the remaining tuition cost of about $600/session and a stipend for living expenses.
  • Jumpstart students who join the Arabic Flagship Program will also receive scholarship support to take Arabic during the fall and spring semesters of 2022-2023.
  • Applications are due by May 3, 2022.

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The Arabic Flagship Program, UArizona Attracts New Students and Provides Virtual Immersion Experiences - New Grant Award

The University of Arizona was awarded an Arabic Flagship Grant for four more years, allowing for top-tier Arabic training – including virtual immersion experiences – to all Arabic learners.

Over the summer, Arabic classes at the University of Arizona were three times their normal size. In addition to learning Arabic with new web-based materials, students could participate in virtual cultural activities with people in Morocco.

Such programming is possible in part because of funding from the Arizona Arabic Flagship Programwhich has won a new $1.4 million grant for 2020-2024 – plus summer and yearlong study abroad scholarships for participating students – from the National Security Education Program. The federal program supports the learning of languages considered critical for U.S. national security and economic competitiveness.  For the complete article, please click here: https://sbs.arizona.edu/news/arabic-flagship-program-uarizona-attracts-new-students-and-provides-virtual-immersion


Awarded Grants and Program Activities: Q1 2020


Teacher Professional Development Grants


Classroom Connection Grants Awarded


Summer 2020 Study Partners


Middle East Outreach Council (MEOC) Book Awards


  • 500 books given out through MEOC book awards across six states. The top books selected by educators to teach about the Arab World were:
    • Map of Salt and Stars by Jennifer Zeyneb Joukhadar
    • Tasting the Sky: A Palestinian Childhood by Ibtisam Barakat






For more information please contact:  arizona-flagship@email.arizona.edu

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