Program Overview

The Arizona Arabic Flagship Program (Arizona AFP) guides undergraduate students from diverse majors to professional Arabic fluency (
ACTFL Superior, ILR 3). The curriculum includes cutting-edge technology, flexible Arabic course offerings, and scholarship-supported intensive study overseas. Graduates from the program receive a Flagship certificate and become part of an innovative and sought-after community of global professionals.

Domestic Component

Arizona AFP’s individualized learning pathways and study plans allow students to rapidly progress in their Arabic study at the University of Arizona.  An instructional team supports student learning in structured, semi-structured and unstructured learning environments. 

Overseas Component

Flagship scholars participate in intensive Arabic summer programs and are required to complete a Flagship Capstone year of overseas study administered by the American Councils for International Education. Through immersion in a native-speaking environment, this Capstone year helps prepare students to reach professional language fluency.

Financial Support

Student participants who achieve language proficiency requirements may compete for merit-based Flagship scholarship funding sufficient to cover a large portion of their program fees for summer and year overseas Flagship programs.