Program Philosophy


The Arizona Arabic Flagship Program (Arizona AFP) puts a diverse group of undergraduate students on the shortest learning pathways to Advanced Arabic proficiency appropriate to the variety of their academic interests and commitments. This is in preparation for a high-achievement year of overseas study in the Middle East. Arizona AFP incorporates the latest research and best practices in its blended, customized, and immersive approaches to Arabic language study. The use of innovative, computer-assisted, and content-based language learning ensures a high level of curriculum customization and maximum exposure to Arabic language and culture. Additionally, Arizona AFP embraces the diglossic nature of Arabic by purposely integrating the teaching of a variety of Arabic dialects in the curriculum at all levels. The program incorporates meaningful and authentic interaction, in person and online, with Arabic-speaking peers as well as members of the Arab community at large.

The Arizona Arabic Flagship Program is proud to partner with the TELL Initiate Group ( TELL is the Technology Enhanced Language Learning Initiate group comprised of faculty at the University of Arizona with interests in research, teaching, and development in the interdisciplinary field of Technology-Enhanced Language Learning.