Marian Arthur

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Major: Political Science

My name is Marian Arthur and I was born and raised in Tucson and currently study political science, psychology, and arabic at the University of Arizona. On campus I am involved in Camp Wildcat, a club that takes kids from the Tucson community on camping trips and promotes college. I also like to attend many events put on by the feminist group on campus, FORCE. Outside of school I split my time between playing soccer on an indoor and outdoor team and dancing with the Esperanza Dance Project. I also include Arabic as one of my passions, I have been interested in Arabic since I was an intern with International Refugee Committee. The reasons for these refugees leaving their home countries fascinated me and I wanted to learn more about them, so I began to study Arabic and have continued to this day.  


Ryan Brown

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Major: Pre-Business

I am 18 years old and currently a freshman at The University of Arizona, where I also play for the soccer team. I am from Mantua, NJ. I studied Arabic throughout high school at St. Augustine Prep School. Academically, I want to become fluent in Arabic. I also plan on majoring in Business Administration with a minor in Global Business and Arabic. I hope to work for an international company in the Middle East sometime in the future.

Jacqueline Cheang

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Major: Creative Writing
I am nineteen years old, and I am in my second semester of Arabic and wish to become fluent in it. I currently study  creative writing and Middle Eastern Studies with a minor in Spanish. I am studying Arabic because I would love to be a English teacher in an Arabic speaking country after I graduate, and I also enjoy learning the language. 


Joshua Custer
Major: Middle Eastern & North African Studies

Joshua is a highly driven scholar majoring in Middle Eastern and North African Studies and French. He is also one of the chosen few hailing from the great state of Virginia, where he enjoys spending his time. His interest in Arabic stems from his aspirations to one day work with the U.S. Government abroad, promoting American Foreign Policy abroad.

Yezan Hassan

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Major: Neuroscience & Cognitive Science
I am a Neuroscience/Cognitive Science and Physiology double degree with minors in Biochemistry and Arabic. I am an active Honors College and Pre-Med student who is hoping to become a neurosurgeon some day. I am studying Arabic through the flagship program because I hope to enlist in the Air Force after medical school so that I can station in the Middle East to help our American forces as well as the innocent civilians of the chaos stricken nations. I am very interested in activities such as working out, hiking, adventuring, and traveling. I plan on studying at Amman, Jordan in the summer and in Cairo, Egypt after my senior year before going to medical school.

Jared Lindsey

Anthony McGee

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Major: Middle Eastern & North African Studies
I am currently a senior at the University of Arizona majoring in Middle East and North African Studies. I enjoy drawing, stone sculpture and working with ceramics when time and money allow for it. I have been studying Arabic for a little more than two years and became fascinated with the language during my brief stint in Iraq.  

Mairene Pita

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Major: Psychology

I am majoring in Psychology and minoring in Physiology with the intention to attend medical school in the future.  This summer, I am advancing my Arabic studies by studying in Meknes, Morocco through the Critical Language Scholarship Program. My ultimate goal is to work as a pediatrician in the Middle East, inspired by my mother who worked as a nurse in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates. By that time, I hope to be fluent in the Arabic language in order to effectively communicate with my patients and gain their trust. 

Noor Rana

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Major: Philosophy, Politics, Economy & Law

I am a Modern Arabic Studies, and Russian Language major. I like to study lesser known languages because one day I hope to work for the U.S. government.

Nolan Rose
Major: Political Science
Nolan is an avid language learner who discovered his passion for Arabic language and culture while living abroad in Dubai. He especially enjoys Arabic cuisine and will never turn down a shawarma with some sahlab. Always ready for an adventure, Nolan enjoys travelling, hiking, and trying new things. He is also very involved with the ballroom dance club and Navigators, a Christian campus ministry. 

Selena Sanchez

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Major: Pre-Physiology

Aylin Soriano

Major: Pre-Business

Catherine Witt

Catherine Witt
Major: Linguistics
I am a Junior majoring in Linguistics and Middle Eastern North African Studies at the University of Arizona. I was originally introduced to Arabic through the Startalk program in Montana and am currently a student in the fifth year Arabic class. I came to the University of Arizona because of the Flagship program and am so grateful to be part of a program which helps students to reach a Superior level of Arabic proficiency. In the future, I want to either teach English as a second language in the Middle East or teach Arabic to English speakers here in the U.S. Outside of my studies, I am passionate about hiking in the rain and silk painting. 

Tasnim Zahlan
Major: Global Studies