The UA’s cutting­-edge Flagship Program guides undergraduates from diverse majors to Superior Arabic language proficiency.

يقوم برنامج الفلاجشب الريادي التابع لجامعة أريزونا بتوجيه الطلاب من مختلف التخصصات نحو مستوى عال في إتقان اللغة العربية بفصاحة واحترافية


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  • Students Arrive in Morocco
  • Students Arrive in Morocco
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Arizona Arabic Flagship Academic Director, Dr. Sonia Shiri, ensures that students receive the highest level of instruction and guidance. The curriculum includes cutting-edge technology, flexible arabic course offerings, and scholarship-supported intensive study overseas. Graduates from our program receive a Flagship certificate and become part of an innovative community of global professionals.